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In 1990 the repair of long cracks in windshields became available from windshield repair manufacturer Ultra Bond. There are two types of cracks in windshields, one called the edge crack and the other called a floater crack. It was noticed that the vast majority of cracks were edge cracks and around 1995 Ultra Bond in preparation for a new brochure on their long cracks patents surveyed their business records and found that over 90% of the cracks they repaired were edge cracks.

A short while later Ultra Bond president Richard Campfield and an Ultra Bond licensee Tim Evans during a discussion of crack repair discussed this and they decided to survey impact points to see what percentage of cracks were within what distance of the edge of the windshield and that by coating this area would eliminate the edge crack. They filed for a patent and placed the first of many protective coatings for the perimeter of the windshield on the market.

They then began to contact windshield and vehicle manufactures to apply this coating to windshields to prevent the edge crack wherein they found out from windshield manufacturers PPG, Guardian and Ford Motor Company engineers that there is a defect in the glass around the perimeter approximately 1.5 - 2 inches wide called the 'Weak Spot". This 'Weak Spot" is created during the molding and annealing process and is the reason that windshields are the number one auto insurance claim in the United States. Because this is a cure for a defect on a safety devise under product liability laws it should be on all windshields. So why isn't it? Because windshield manufacturers and insurance companies are making billions of dollars from cracked windshields and they will not do it until they are sued and forced to. Every American pays for this defect in their insurance premiums and about 8 million consumers have their windshield replaced per year because of an edge crack. Just another big corporate American Scandal.



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