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The name of the game for every ongoing business is to find ways to increase revenues within the constraints of the existing operation. EdgeGuard can be one of the ways a select few Glass Shops can accomplish this.

EdgeGuard is coming and we want you to be part of our team. If you've been in business at least three years, have a focus on good quality installations, and your glass installation technicians are certified by the National Glass Association (or equivalent), please read on.

You've read the information in our "Consumers" section and we know what you're thinking. By prolonging the life of each windshield I install, EdgeGuard is ultimately going to decrease my sales! If you were the only Glass Shop in your area, that might be true (we'll cover that one later). But consider this: EdgeGuard is no different than any other technology that's come along and improved consumers' lives. Think about the history of tires. Thirty years ago, tires lasted 10,000 miles -- now, for about the same cost, they last 40,000. Did the tire dealers at that time resist selling something that lasted four times as long? Sure they did. But the smart ones quickly realized that during the transition period, those that sold the more desirable tires didn't take business away from themselves -- they took it away from their competition!

To assure you take more business away from your competition than yourself, we're offering Glass Shops who qualify (see above) "protected territories" defined by zip codes. In other words, although any EdgeGuard Certified Glass Shop will be able to sell EdgeGuard to anyone, each will be separated by a meaningful distance from one another.

How much can you expect to make?

One of our best performing dealers (A Better Windshield in Colorado Springs, CO) sells over 100 units of EdgeGuard each month -- at the 100 unit per month pricing level, that's ($89.95 - $42.50) X100 = $4,745 in incremental profit EACH MONTH! Our program is simple. As long as you sell 50 units of EdgeGuard each month and maintain our strict quality standards, you will be granted exclusive rights to sell the product in your protected territory.

We'll back you up all the way. We'll train you how to sell the product to your customers. Click here to read the EdgeGuard sales pitch for Glass Shop customers.

We'll also train your technicians on how to properly and effectively install EdgeGuard on windshields in 20-30 minutes. Click here to read the EdgeGuard Installation Instructions.

From a promotional perspective, we'll list your shop in our web site' "Locations" section. If you have your own web site, we'll create a link from the EdgeGuard site to yours at no charge. If you don't yet have a site and would like one (strongly recommended), we can develop and host one for you for only $450 plus $85 per month. GRA to confirm with Al Todd.

We recognize that the only way we can succeed is if you succeed. We're committed to doing everything we can to make that happen.

Call (877-388-2300) or email us today to discuss!

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