EdgeGuard International, Ltd.

Standard Warranty and Customer Maintenance Agreement

EDGEGUARD INTERNATIONAL, LTD. (hereinafter "EI") WARRANTS WINDSHIELDS protected by the EI-patented process with EI materials which are supplied by EI or its licensees, to the Customer as follows:

The Warranty:

Windshields which have been protected by EI Crack Resistant Material applied by an Authorized Installer are expressly warranted (the "Warranted Windshield") against Cracking in the area of the Warranted Windshield protected by EI Crack Resistant Material due to a Road Hazard for a period of three (3) years (standard) or five (5) years (optional) ("Warranty Period") in accordance with the Definitions set forth herein from the Date of Installation unless this Warranty earlier terminates as a result of an Event of Termination or in the event the EI Crack Resistant Material is removed and not replaced by an Authorized Installer. This Warranty is subject to the Limitation of Liability described below.

There are no Warranties, which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.  This Warranty is the only warranty, express or implied, relating to EI Crack Resistant Material and is in lieu of any other warranty express or implied. EI disclaims all other implied warranties and expressly disclaims any implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY.


The following definitions shall apply to this Warranty:

  • Customer: The original purchaser of a Warranted Windshield who possesses an authorized Warranty Document bearing the Date of Installation of EI Crack Resistant Material or a person who has received an assignment of the Warranty Document and who has paid a $50.00 transfer fee to EI.
  • Warranted Windshield: A windshield that has been treated by EI Crack Resistant Material applied by an Authorized Installer or by an Authorized New Car or Truck Dealer
  • EI Crack Resistant Material: Edgeguard material supplied by EI.
  • Authorized Installer or Authorized New Car or Truck Dealer: An installer of EI Crack Resistant Material possessing a current written license from EI to install EI Crack Resistant Material.
  • Authorized Warranty Installer: An installer whose name is supplied by EI at its Warranty Toll-Free number or which is otherwise authorized in the event an Authorized Warranty Installer is not convenient to the location of the Customer.
  • Road Hazard: Road surface debris composed of stone, pebbles, rocks, gravel, salt, or other road materials that may cause windshield damage to the portion of the windshield that has been protected by EI Crack Resistant Material but excluding other materials that are present upon the roadway or which may be released from other motorist vehicles such as materials that are being transported or motor vehicle parts ejected or thrown by a motor vehicle and excluding windshield damage to an area on the Warranted Windshield that has not been protected by EI Crack Resistant Material.
  • Event Termination: Termination of the warranty will occur upon the sale of the subject vehicle or return of the subject vehicle if it is under lease, unless a Claim has been filed with EI prior to the Event of Termination or unless the original Customer has assigned the Edgeguard Warranty to a new owner who has paid a $50.00 Warranty Transfer Fee.
  • Limitation of Liability: EI will pay the uninsured cost of replacing a Warranted Windshield that sustains a crack in that portion of the Warranted Windshield protected by EI Crack Resistant Material installed by an Authorized Installer or Authorized New Car or Truck Dealer. Customer shall have the option to have the Authorized Installer reapply EI Crack Resistant Material. "Cost" shall include the cost of a new windshield, together with the cost of the labor to install the new windshield, less all applicable insurance proceeds from the Customer's vehicle insurance carrier. If Customer elects to have EI Crack Resistant Material reapplied to the windshield, cost shall include the cost of reapplication of such material. Reapplication of EI Crack Resistant Material will cause this Warranty to be continued for the balance of the original Warranty period. EI shall not be liable for any damages beyond the uninsured cost of a replaced Warranted Windshield. The Customer shall have the obligation to apply all applicable insurance proceeds to the costs of such windshield replacement. The liability of EI set forth herein shall be further reduced by $50 in the event the Warranted Windshield is not replaced by the Authorized Warranty Installer which originally installed the EI Crack Resistant Material unless that Authorized Warranty Installer is no longer in business or is no longer an Authorized Warranty Installer. In the event that the Customer does not have insurance that provides coverage for the damage to the windshield that is covered by this Warranty, the liability of EI pursuant to this Warranty shall be no more than the amount that would be paid by Farmer's Insurance for replacement windshields and the labor necessary for such installation.
  • Exclusions from Liability: This Warranty does not cover damage arising out of a collision, vandalism, or other intentional or malicious acts causing damage to the windshield or misuse of the windshield by the owner or operator of the vehicle.
  • Claims: All Warranty claims must be made prior to expiration of the Warranty Period. A Warranty claim must be presented to an Authorized Warranty Installer at such dealer's place of business prior to expiration of Warranty Period. The Warranty Claim application must include the Warranty Documents, together with the Customer's Insurance Policy Number, name of Insurer, and such other insurance information as may be reasonably required by the Warranty Claim Insurance Carrier for EI. By exercising Warranty rights pursuant to this Warranty, Customer assigns the proceeds of such insurance coverage, if any, to the Authorized Warranty Installer which replaces the windshield pursuant to this Warranty. EI reserves the right to specify the windshield source and manufacturer.
  • Customer Obligation To Maintain Windshield: The Customer, at all times, has the responsibility to maintain the Warranted Windshield in a good state of repair.

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