Your Vehicle's Orignial Windshield is the Best One it will Ever Have

Why? Because it's the only windshield your vehicle will ever have that is subject to compliance with Federal regulations. In spite of over 12 million windshields being replaced each year in the US, the windshield aftermarket is completely unregulated.

And unfortunately, the windshield replacement industry is characterized by intense competition, fueled by low barriers to entry and a thrust toward customer convenience and low costs; the latter being driven to a great extent by insurance companies. As a result, many industry experts estimate that the majority of windshield replacements are done incorrectly placing those that ride in those vehicles at risk for serious injuries.

Common safety-threatening "short cuts" include using weak adhesives, not properly "priming" the glass and metal surfaces involved, contaminating the glass with oily, contaminated hands.

Improperly installed windshields are unsafe windshields. Click here to learn why.

For more information, read the compelling articles published by ABC News, Fox News, The Detroit News, and the Canadian Broadcasting Co.


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