Auto Service Centers

We classify any business that performs some sort of service on passenger vehicles other than windshield repair and replacement or window tinting "Auto Service Centers". Examples would include Oil Change Shops, Full Service Gasoline Stations, Car Stereo Installation Centers, and Car Washes. In other words, operations where it's reasonable in the consumer's mind for the company to carry out a "safety inspection" of their vehicle.

Regardless of your business' focus, the name of the game for every ongoing business is to find ways to increase revenues within the constraints of the existing operation. EdgeGuard can be one of the ways you can accomplish this for your business.

Whether you currently provide your customers with some sort of "safety inspection" or not, there are two ways for you to be part of the EdgeGuard Team.

  1. Install EdgeGuard on vehicles yourself - click here for an explanation of the opportunity.
  2. Refer your customer to a company who does - click here for an explanation of the opportunity.

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