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The name of the game for every ongoing business is to find ways to increase revenues within the constraints of the existing operation. EdgeGuard can be one of the ways you can accomplish this for your business.

From a number of perspectives, your business is the best positioned and qualified to promote EdgeGuard.

  1. You're typically in contact with owners of new vehicles the ones that can benefit from EdgeGuard the most. Click here for an explanation.
  2. With you and your staff's experience in applying tint films to auto glass, your learning curve is least among our distribution channels.
  3. Your customers already know they'll be waiting a reasonable amount of time before you're done meeting their needs.
  4. Any EdgeGuard you sell to your customers is purely incremental!

What kind of sales volumes can you expect? That, of course, depends on the number of vehicles that come through your operation now. But with the proper sales approach, there's no reason why you can't expect to convince 25% of your customers that it's imperative they have you install EdgeGuard on their vehicles.

Click here to read the sales approach for new car owners.

Click here to read the sales approach for used car owners.

At a suggested retail price of $125 and a unit cost of $501, that's $75 in incremental gross profit per vehicle.

Plus, as a certified EdgeGuard installer, you'll also have the opportunity to partner with operations that service but don't have the staff or facilities to install EdgeGuard (Auto Service Centers), but do have the ability to refer their customers to you. And we'll help you find those partners.

We'll back you up all the way. We'll train your installation technicians how to properly and efficiently install EdgeGuard on windshields. We'll also list your Tint Shop in our directory of locations where EdgeGuard can be purchased. If you have a web site, we'll create a link from the EdgeGuard site to yours at no charge.

We recognize that the only way we can succeed is if you succeed. We're committed to doing everything we can to make that happen.

Click here to access Tint Shop Order Forms for EdgeGuard Patterns

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