Your windshield can be as important to your safety as seat belts, air bags, tire pressure, and anti-lock brakes!

Your vehicle's windshield does far more than protect you and your passengers from the wind, rain and road debris. As a critical component of your vehicle's safety system, your windshield also plays a significant role in protecting you in the event of an accident.

First, it helps keep passengers inside the vehicle vs. being ejected. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that each year, approximately 17,400 people are ejected through the windows of vehicles, resulting in approximately 7,300 deaths and 7,800 serious injuries. Those who are ejected from vehicles are 35 times more likely to be killed vs. those that remain in the vehicle.

"But I always wear my seatbelt and I insist all my passengers do the same!" you say?

That may be the case, but consider the following:

Between 18 and 20 percent of your vehicle's overall structural integrity and up to 60% of its structural strength required during a rollover is dependent on an intact, properly installed windshield. In the event of a rollover, if your windshield gives way, your roof will most likely cave in -- causing serious head and neck injury to you and your passengers. In addition, many passenger-side airbags depend on the windshield as a backstop and inflate with such force that they can easily push an improperly installed windshield right off the vehicle. When this occurs, the airbag simply deploys onto the hood of the vehicle instead of cushioning the passenger as they head toward the dashboard.

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